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Slow-Rolling A Spinnerbait

If you're seriously interested in knowing about Spinnerbait, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at one technique you need to know about Spinnerbaits. This technique is primarily used to fish deeper water areas usually between 10 - 20 feet deep.

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Fishing the Nueces for Guadalupe bass

UVALDE Bent slightly at the waist, head up and fly rod held low to prevent detection, Lefty Ray Chapa advanced on the turquoise pool in full stealth mode. Channel catfish black when viewed from above swam eel-like circuits over the white gravel of the Nueces River bottom.

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Mule Deer

Big Horn Sheep
Veteran writer still loves deer, guns and hunting

INGRAM Outside, it's a hundred degrees and stifling. Inside, it's cool and semi-dark and a nice place to look outside, which John Wootters is doing from an easy chair in his living room, gazing out across the valley and over to the next mountain. The now mostly retired...

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Call of the wild

The old man chugged down the Wyoming gravel road in a decrepit old Scout so rust-worn it looked as if worms had been gnawing their way through the sides. He coasted to a stop in a cloud of dust, removed an oxygen mask from his face and leaned across the decomposing front seat to speak out of the passenger-side window.

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Lion Into the wild of Africa
VAALWATER, South Africa - Two hours and 50 yards. On sand-scraped hands and creaking knees. That's how long and how far Marco du Plessis and I had crawled, inches at a time, toward a big gemsbok bull bedded in a tangle of South African bush.
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   Axis Deer Hunting axis deer in Texas ...
STONEWALL Just 20 steps taken, and the hunter no longer could see the black pickup he'd parked under a huge live oak just beyond the gate off the county road. That didn't matter, though, and he looked back only that one time. He knew his destination though he'd been there just once to set up the blind. Even in...
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Wildebeest Welcoming feasts
POTGIETERSRUS, South Africa - At the end of a long day in the bush, hungry hunters aren't always particular about their meals. Just get the chow on the table and don't block the door to the shower. But Marinda du Plessis, who cooks for husband Mel and sons Mel Jr. and Marco, along...
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   E-cobo Peacock bass fishing a powerful thrill
Supermarket and septic tank, shopping mall, public park and public transportation, fishing hole and hunting lease. That's the river to the people who dot its shores and canoe its backwaters, the cliched cradle of life. A fifth of all the fresh water in the world cycles through the immense Amazon basin.
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Bass Scents and Attractants, Do They Work?
Do scents really work? Do scents attract fish? I am asked these questions many times from novices and pro fishermen alike. I know that most any articles you read stress the importance of scent to one degree or another. A lot of scientific research shows some fish are drawn to chemical sources from hundreds of yards away.
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   River Navigating the Fire Swamp of hunting ethics
When we muck around in the never black-and-white shallows of hunting ethics, it's like Westley and Buttercup tiptoeing through the horrid Fire Swamp. Like the lovers in "The Princess Bride," we could get burned by the flame spurts, disappear into the lightning sands or get eaten by the Rodents Of Unusual Size...
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