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PowerPro Fishing Line

By Joseph S.

I was recently in need of some fishing line for a new reel I acquired. In the past my fishing has been done with monofilament but I have heard some great things about the new "super lines" and I thought I would give one a try. I should add that in the past I have not been impressed with braids but companies are constantly improving their products so I decided to give it another try.

The most appealing factor of braided lines is that much more line can be put on a spool due to its thin diameter. I like to use low profile bait casting reels which only hold approximately 100 yards of 12 lb test monofilament. What I went looking for was a braid that was not only strong and thin but one which also cast well and that could keep a good knot.

So the search began: I went to my favorite local sporting goods store and stared in amazement at the different lines offered. It was nothing new for me, I shop there often and have been down that isle many times, but there are just so many lines available today. What I wanted to compare was price, diameter, lb test, amount (yards), and the look and feel of the different braided lines.

Generally speaking, all braided lines have the same look and feel, except for the varying colors which are generally white, green, or yellow. Braided lines feel smooth as you run your fingers up and down them but don?t be fooled, they can tear you up in no time at all.

When it comes to diameter the lines are similar as well. Some are smaller than others for the same pound test but the differences are minor. Because the lines were so similar the deciding factor became value alone.

This to me is how many yards of line I can get in the pound test that I want. What I wanted was a line that was approximately the same diameter as 8 pound test monofilament. I like to have as much line on my reel as possible without creating too many backlashes and this seems to be the optimal compromise.

After looking at my options I decided to try PowePro. The spool I chose contained 150 yards of line. Power Pro makes larger spools but I felt more line was unnecessary. Many of the other companies, which charge more for their spools, come with less line (125 yards or even 100 yards of line was not uncommon).

Thirty pound test was chosen because it's diameter is close to that of 8 pound mono (.011 inches thich). This line looks and feels like other lines, but at a much cheaper price. So how did it fare?

A large factor with braided line is knot strength, so I generally use palomar knots (which are very strong). I've used this line and knot on all types of reels (open face, baitcasters, and closed face reels) without any hassles.

When you buy the line you even get a small user/instruction manual. It is very helpful, especially if you have never used braided line before. It tells you the proper way to set your drag, which is very important because the line is much stronger than monofilament (you do not want to ruin your drag). Another topic discussed is different applications of the line (such as how to set the hook, spool line, cut line, recolor line, and use monofilament leaders).

Pictures of different fishing knots are shown which comes in handy. The instructional booklet even has pictures of impressive fish that have been caught using PowerPro.

I must say that I am impressed with PowerPro. Not only does it do everything I need but it is also economical. Finding a better braided line would be hard. If you like monofilament then back your reel with PowerPro and put on a monofilament top shot (leader). This will give you the benefits of braided line (like more line capacity and stronger line) along with the characteristics of monofilament (such as low visibility, stretch, etc.). Then when you need new mono, all you have to do is buy a small amount and retie it to your braided line.

All in all, PowerPro will give you a run for your money.

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