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Sako Rifles

By Joseph S.

Most hunters consider a good rifle their most basic necessity. The problem for most hunters though is finding that one good rifle. With so many choices out there and so many calibers to choose from it is not hard to understand why. I have had the pleasure of testing many rifles in many calibers and I have come to a conclusion: some companies just make good rifles, and Sako is one of them.

My first whitetail deer was taken with a Sako rifle. So was my last. This does not mean other rifles cannot shoot as well. I am simply saying Sako rifles are my first choice. The company's products are of impeccable quality and are extremely durable. The tolerances these rifles are built to are unquestionably high.

Sako rifles consistently produce sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards. Most will probably shoot 1/2 inch groups with the right ammunition and shooter. While accuracy is not the most important factor when searching for a rifle, it is undeniably something to consider.

A more important factor is durability. This is where Sako really excels (as if 1/2 moa is not enough). I strongly believe in buying the best equipment you can afford and then taking good care of it. Over the years rifles will get dropped and bumped along hard surfaces or objects and this is the real test of a rifle. Any piece of equipment that gets a lot of use will eventually show some wear and tear.

I can remember one particular incident where I slammed a Sako 30-06 into the door on a deer blind. It was an accident of course, but that didn't make me feel any better about what I had done. Needless to say it hasn't happened since, but the point of this embarrassing story is to let you know that the rifle never suffered. Sure it had some scratches and scuffs on it (it needed some character) but the rifle still shot as if it were brand new. The action was silky smooth and every time the trigger was pulled it worked.

When you have a good product it is hard to improve on it but Sako is always evolving into something better. Their newer models are built with the same standards that have always been used. I recently had a chance to look at a Sako 75. It looked different than any model I had seen before. Unlike previous models which were built with classic wooden stocks this one had a synthetic stock with rubber inlays. Synthetic stocks are typically unappealing but this one looked great. The Sako 75 is a very aesthetically pleasing and functional rifle.

Some of its features include an easily adjustable trigger, free floating match grade barrel, sturdy scope mounting system, unbelievable strength, and a silky smooth action that is utterly reliable. These are some of the reasons why Sako's have exceedingly high resale values.

If you already have a rifle that does all of the above then you may not feel the need to try out something new. On the other hand, if you are looking for a rifle that does all of the above and then some look no further. Don't take my word for it though, try one out first.

Many shooting ranges rent out firearms so that you can test them, and if you cannot find one that does see if you know someone who owns one. Ask around and see what others think of them too. Chances are they are just as satisfied with their rifles as I am with mine.

With such a great product it is hard not to be.

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